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When one great is inspired by another

The tale and vision behind IIT Kharagpur’s Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya Chair Professorship Can industry and academia work together to promote the overall competitiveness of a sector through exchange of ideas and innovation, through synthesis of organizational and academic practice and discipline? The jury may be out on that one, yet...


A Kgpian for A Kgpian

Alumnus Prof. Tapan Bagchi to set up Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya Chair Professorship Award Alumnus and eminent academician Prof. Tapan Bagchi (DSc/2012), is setting up a Chair Professorship in the memory of illustrious alumnus Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya who recently passed away. An MoU to this effect was signed last week with...


Gone too soon

His alma mater and a large part of the world will miss Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya’s wisdom, able guidance and enduring friendship There are not too many who can act as a bridge across peoples, cultures, disciplines, institutions and vocations  – all at the same time. Lord Sushanta Kumar Bhattacharyya was...