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An evening to remember

Although separated by decades, two Distinguished Alumnus Awardees remain equally indebted to IIT Kharagpur, their alma mater, for the success they have achieved in life You would have mistaken him for a student. Dark cropped hair, back-pack in place, an incredibly young-looking Debendra Das Sharma approached me for his interview...


The magic touch

How IIT Kharagpur recorded a sharp rise in the number of PhD students India Today   Careers360 At its 65th Convocation, IIT Kharagpur gave away PhD degrees to 372 scholars. The numbers showed a sharp rise from the earlier figure of 295 from last year.  Taking the 5 years’ figure the...


A moment to cherish for a lifetime

Snapshots from the 65th Convocation of IIT Kharagpur It was their day. A time they had been waiting to celebrate with their families and friends. Some of them brought over the family’s oldest, perhaps a grandparent who could still walk. And some the youngest, even if only a few months...